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The Triggers, Responses and Ways to Get Back

Did you know each of the 16 Personalities has certain, predictable stress triggers, responses and ways to get back to the “green zone”. ENFPs have a very different pattern than ENFJs.

You are invited to join us July 6th, 11:00am EST for this live, interactive, insightful webinar hosted by myself and Rob Toomey.

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Dulead helps people do the tough work required to reach a worthy destination.

It’s coaching software that automatically and continuously runs effective practices to align, develop, and retain your people – helping each person to develop beyond their current capabilities.

Imagine… your managers show up Monday morning with a text message that says, “Use this best practice to help your team draw closer together this week. Click below to see this week’s challenge…”


You think… I sleep better at night knowing that my leaders are continuously being challenged and developed around leadership best practices, even when I’m busy with other things. Now I’m confident we’re creating an internal leadership pipeline.

Or Imagine… coming in Friday morning with an email from Dulead that says, “Click below to see the growth and development activities your people have completed this week…”


You think… I wasn’t even here. I was out of the office and all of these growth steps and activities happened while I was away. I can trust our people are growing and improving every day even when I’m away.


In a now ever growing virtual and distributed workspace, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain and promote, employee morale, innovative ideas, high performance teams, overall employee engagement, and retention. (Reword so it sounds like problems more)


The ability to effectively communicate has always been a crucial aspect of building happy and healthy teams. Which is necessary to have a company that prospers, not only in its short-term successes but also in its longevity.

It is easy to say that communication is important, that is obvious, the hard part is doing it, and doing it effectively.

That’s where TypeCoach comes in.


Dulead continuously and automatically runs effective leadership and development practices throughout the employee lifecycle like culture onboarding, recognition, micro-coaching, continuous feedback cycles, stay interviews, best practice and core value reminders, and growth & development plans to name a few.

Every interaction is sent via lightweight text or email that requires just a few minutes at a time. No apps, logins, or passwords required. If you know how to click a button in an email or text, you know how to use Dulead. Each person can expect about 2-3 interactions per week with each interaction taking 2-5 minutes per interaction. This is micro-coaching for macro results!

Even better, Dulead is designed to meet your people where they are, whenever it’s most convenient for them – and will even provide nudges and reminders as needed for follow through.



Organizations using Dulead see improvement in employee wellness, employee engagement, talent development, employer brand, internal leadership pipeline, and profitability. 

They also see software expenses reduced by $7,600 a month for every 100 people by eliminating the need for separate onboarding, recognition, performance management, engagement, leadership development, core values reinforcement, and goal management solutions.

So with Dulead, you’re not only helping everyone in your organization grow into the best versions of themselves, you’re positively impacting your most important human capital KPI’s that make your organization more sustainable and profitable.

Now you can have peace of mind knowing your organization’s world-class leadership and development experiences are running continuously and automatically with Dulead even when you’re focused on other priorities. 

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